Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Designer Dog Collar


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This Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Designer Dog Collar is colorful, fun, & unique. It is available on red, white, blue, or black webbing.

It is also available in Designer Exclusive 100% Polyester Webbing.

The 100% Polyester Webbing Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Designer Dog Collar is constructed completely with polyester webbing. There is no ribbon sewn onto webbing that will become torn or frayed over time. The back of the collar compliments the background of the design on the front of the collar giving it a truly designer look. Collars constructed with Polyester Webbing are completely bleach resistant and will not stain or bleed color onto your dog’s fur if it gets wet. It will not mildew nor will it stretch when wet. It is an extremely durable and comfortable dog collar with a very smooth and soft feel. It is truly a designer look your pup will be proud to wear.

The collar is adjustable and extremely durable. It can be washed in a washing machine with no special attention needed. Unlike most collars constructed of nylon webbing, I use Polyester Based Webbing for all collar sizes. Poly Pro & Poly Cotton webbing will not stain or bleed color onto your dog’s fur. It will not mildew and stretch when wet. It is lightweight and breathable, thus; it is much more comfortable for your pet. It is just as strong and durable as nylon.

If you are unclear of your dog’s size, please tie a string around his/her neck, measure it, and include the measurement during checkout. Please do not add or subtract from the measurement. This measurement is particularly useful if your dog’s neck is between sizes. Just like people, generic sizes often don’t fit many. As all collars are constructed when ordered, a custom fit is available if you provide your dog’s neck measurement. The collar will still be adjustable to slightly smaller and larger than the size needed. Also, just like their human buddies, dogs gain and lose weight all the time 😉

Collar sizes are as follows:

Size Medium – 11 through 15 inches – 1 Inch Wide
Size Large – 15 through 22 inches – 1 Inch Wide
Size Extra Large – 19 through 26 inches – 1 Inch Wide


Custom Design Dog Collars

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Webbing Color

White, Black, Red, Blue, 100% POLYESTER WEBBING


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